After being closed fot 11 years, the castle  of Beaugency re-opens its doors !

As a magnificent seigneurial mansion. The castle of Beaugency was successively in possession of the lords of Beaugency, the French crown and, in the 14th century, the dukes of Orléans who owned it until the French Revolution.

Nowadays, in the center of the town of Beaugency, this castle brings the past back to life and introduces you to the residence of Jean de Dunois, Bastard of Orleans.

Between an elegant hanging garden and the courtyard, the tour will lead you from the guardroom to the kitchen, from the chapel to the bedroom, from the oratorical and its fresco to the amazing attic and its inverted hull shaped roofing framework.

In the footsteps of the hosts of this place, perhaps will you meet Francis I, Louis IX or even Johann of Arc, fellow soldier of Jean de Dunois...